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Safe Online Dating

With all the new dating apps and more and more women turning to online dating to meet new people, being safe has never been more important.

You hear all the time about the dangers of online dating and steps to take to make sure you’re safe and free of harm and it’s important that you have a source you can trust to take your safety as seriously as you do.

Date ProtectHer was founded to ensure that no woman be subjected to the dangers of online dating. Allowing you to do any type of online dating research you need, Date ProtectHer allows you to access a database of over 2 billion records to give you all the information you need to know to make sure you stay safe when online dating. Whether it’s police records, arrest warrants, legal troubles, bankruptcy or even just verifying that they are whom they say they are, you’ll be given the most comprehensive report to make sure that you know the truth before even leaving your home.

Our online dating research is 100% anonymous so they’ll never know that they’re being searched and our results are 100% guaranteed so you can search in confidence that the results you find are accurate and reliable.

We strive to offer all the online dating help that we can because we know all too well the perils and dangers of meeting with someone who isn’t what they’ve been saying they are or have been using photos of someone they aren’t.

Date ProtectHer has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News and is known as one of the leaders in online dating safety. We believe that even just one woman subjected to inaccurate and misleading information from someone while online dating is one too many and we offer all the online dating help we can to make you feel as safe as possible.

If you’re looking into online dating or are arranging to meet someone you’ve met online, visit to make sure you that if you meet them in person, you can rest assured that you’ll stay safe with the person you’re expecting.